5 Free Open Source Tools Every Developer Should Know

5 Free Open Source Tools Every Developer Should Know

Do not start your next project without knowing those 5 free open source tools.

They will save you time and effort by preventing you from redeveloping common features.

With these tools, you can have robust, efficient solutions ready in no time, often performing even better than what you could create from scratch.

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If like me you’re tired of setting up login, signup, and forgotten password functionality for every new project, you will love LogTo. It simplifies the entire authentication process, allowing you to integrate: user management, email and sms passwordless, social sign-in from many providers with minimal effort.

It’s easy to implement and customize, freeing you up to focus on the core features of your application.


Why spend time developing a backend with a custom administration dashboard when you can have one up and ready in no time?

Directus offers a dynamic data platform that connects your database with a powerful, user-friendly interface. It allows you to manage your content effortlessly, with features like role-based access control, dynamic content types, and custom endpoints.

By using a low code solution, any member of the team can create the views and forms they need without the help of the development team.

With Directus, you can accelerate your backend development without losing total control of your project.


Project development is rarely linear. There are features you want to test and release to a subset of users, and others that you need to hide until they're production-ready. Flagsmith helps you manage feature flags with ease, offering functionalities such as:

  • A/B testing to experiment with different features
  • Canary deployments for phased rollouts
  • User traits to target specific user groups
  • A remote config server to update environment variables and keys on the fly

Flagsmith empowers you to handle these complexities seamlessly, making your development process more agile and controlled.


Ensure your code remains clean, secure, and maintainable throughout your project's lifecycle with SonarQube. This comprehensive code quality and security solution helps you consistently deploy high-quality code.

SonarQube integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline, automatically analyzing your code with every build. If any issues are detected, you'll be notified immediately, and the deployment can be configured to fail, ensuring that only clean code makes it to production.

By integrating SonarQube into your development workflow, you can enhance your code's reliability and security, ultimately delivering a better product.


Turn any document or URL into a PDF file with this developer-friendly API.

Gotenberg provides endpoints to easily convert web pages, Markdown, Word and Excel files into PDF. But also allows you to merge multiple PDFs into one.

With the different parameters, you have full control of the output like landscape/portrait mode or margin/padding. Based on your project workflow requirements, you can choose to run it synchronously or asynchronously and get notified on a webhook when the process is finished.