Apache Superset Clickhouse integration

Apache Superset Clickhouse integration

Discover how integrating Apache Superset with ClickHouse can elevate your data visualization and analytics capabilities. This guide walks you through setting up and optimizing this powerful combination.

Apache Superset and ClickHouse Integration

Combining Apache Superset with ClickHouse offers a robust solution for data analytics, enabling users to visualize and interact with their ClickHouse datasets effectively. Here’s how to set up this integration:


Make sure you have clickhouse-connect>=0.6.8 installed. If you're using Docker Compose, add this requirement to ./docker/requirements-local.txt.

Connection String

To connect Superset to ClickHouse, use the following connection string format from your Superset service:


For local ClickHouse instances, a simpler connection string can be used:


Visualization and Dashboards

Once connected, take advantage of Superset's user-friendly interface to create engaging visualizations and dashboards. Utilize the SQL IDE for data preparation and define custom dimensions and metrics using the semantic layer.

Security and Scalability

Superset allows you to configure detailed access rules and integrate with various authentication backends. Its cloud-native architecture ensures scalability and high availability, making it ideal for large, distributed environments.

Unique Insights

For specific configurations and best practices to enhance your integration experience, refer to the official documentation.

By integrating Apache Superset with ClickHouse, you can unlock deeper insights and create compelling visualizations that drive data-informed decisions.

Sample ClickHouse SQL Query in Superset

SELECT event_date, count() AS events
FROM events
WHERE event_date >= '2021-01-01'
GROUP BY event_date
ORDER BY event_date

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