Build a graphQL API with Hasura low-code platform

Build a graphQL API with Hasura low-code platform

In the fast-paced world of software development, the ability to quickly build and deploy APIs is crucial. Enter Hasura, the low-code platform that revolutionizes the way we create APIs, allowing us to build a GraphQL API with unprecedented ease and speed.

In this article, we will explore the power of Hasura and dive into its key features, showing you how it empowers your development team.

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Low-code API Builder

Hasura is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for efficient development. With its low-code API builder, developers can instantly create and deploy APIs on their data, eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual API creation. This feature enables you to build new applications or add new features to existing ones in days, not weeks.

Database Editor

With Hasura database editor, you can create and edit your database tables but also effortlessly connect to existing databases such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, MySQL, Oracle, ClickHouse, or even the NoSQL MongoDB.

By combining multiple databases you can aggregate multiple data sources in one single place to build your API around.

Permissions and Authorization

Security and data protection are essential in modern applications. Hasura's role-based permissions and granular access controls empower you to define who can access what, down to the row and column level.

It means out of the box permission system without having to code it inside the backend code that could lead to critical security issues.

Rest easy, knowing that your data is protected while offering seamless access to authorized users.

Visual GraphQL Editor

Creating and visualizing your GraphQL API is made simple with Hasura's visual GraphQL editor. This tool lets you design your API and schema with ease, providing a clear and intuitive way to interact with your data.

Drill down from your connected datasets and build your GraphQL queries and mutations visually while previewing in real time the results.

Defining the relationships between the different tables makes it very easy to link entities and create the different endpoints to build your projects around.

Rest Endpoints

While GraphQL is at the core of Hasura's capabilities, it also supports REST endpoints. You can offer RESTful access to your data alongside your GraphQL API, ensuring compatibility with various client applications.

You can also create REST endpoints that will call your GraphQL queries and mutations.

Actions and Events

Hasura isn't limited to static queries and mutations; it supports dynamic actions and events. This enables real-time functionality, allowing you to respond to specific events or triggers in your application, ensuring that your API is flexible and responsive.

For example, you can subscribe to an update event on the thumbnail column of an article. So every time it is set or updated you run a job to automatically convert it into different sizes.

Remote Schemas

Connecting, managing, and iterating disparate APIs can be challenging. Hasura's remote schemas feature allows you to unify data from various sources into a single supergraph, simplifying data access and management.

This can enable a smooth transition from an existing GraphQL API to your Hasura's one.

API Security

Beyond authentication and authorization, Hasura provides comprehensive tools to secure your APIs. With an eye on security best practices, you can trust that your APIs are protected, even in the most demanding environments.

Performance and Observability

Hasura takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to optimizing API performance. Enjoy faster response times and automatic scalability, ensuring your API is always at peak performance. With precision insights, you'll have optimal availability and performance for your APIs, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.


Hasura is a high-value option to consider when it comes to API development. By offering a unified, low-code platform that simplifies the creation of GraphQL APIs and provides robust security, performance, and scalability, it empowers developers to innovate rapidly.

Whether you're building a new application or modernizing an existing one, Hasura can increase your development time and the overall quality of your backend.

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