Chaskiq, an open-source messaging platform for marketing, support, and sales

Chaskiq, an open-source messaging platform for marketing, support, and sales

In a digital age where seamless communication is essential for businesses to thrive, Chaskiq stands as an open-source beacon of innovation. This messaging platform is designed to be the one-stop solution for marketing, support, and sales. It offers the ability to craft complete experiences within a single conversation thread, combining the power of bots and humans.

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Easy Setup

Getting started with Chaskiq is a breeze. With a simple snippet code to copy/paste, you can have your messaging platform up and running in no time. No need to be a tech guru; Chaskiq simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what really matters: communicating effectively with your audience.

Messenger & Bot

Chaskiq empowers you to interact with your customers in multiple ways. Its integrated apps allow you to schedule meetings, manage shopping carts, start video calls, or streamline payment flows.

Its flexibility knows no bounds, ensuring there are no limits to the communication experiences you can offer.

The platform's automation capabilities allow conversations to begin under specific conditions, meaning you can proactively initiate interactions with your audience.


Collaboration is at the core of any successful business. Chaskiq facilitates teamwork by allowing you to create teams of agents. With this feature, the right people can be routed to the right conversations, ensuring timely and efficient responses.


Chaskiq takes communication beyond the confines of web chat. Its campaign features include:

  • Banners & popups designed to display quick notifications, which can be particularly useful for promotions or sharing critical service updates.
  • Mailings/Newsletters to convert your visitors
  • Guided tours to create the best experience for new users

Help Center

To enhance customer self-service, Chaskiq provides a Help Center. Here, you can organize articles by categories and collections, making helpful content readily accessible to your customers.


With Chaskiq's reporting tools, you can create informative reports with stunning visuals. The platform even allows you to incorporate external service data, providing a comprehensive view of your performance.


Chaskiq is more than a messaging platform; it's an enabler of efficient communication that spans marketing, support, and sales. It empowers your teams to connect with your audience seamlessly, utilizing automation, targeted campaigns, and insightful reporting.

Chaskiq's open-source nature means you have control and flexibility in crafting communication experiences that best suit your business. In a world where communication reigns supreme, Chaskiq stands ready to be your ally in delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.