Dify: Free Open-source LLM AI Chatbots Builder Platform

Dify: Free Open-source LLM AI Chatbots Builder Platform

In the rapidly evolving field of Generative AI, Dify emerges as a powerful open-source platform for building Large Language Model (LLM) applications. Designed to streamline processes, simplify workflows, and enhance value delivery, Dify offers a comprehensive suite of tools for developing AI chatbots and assistants.

Discover the core features of Dify, exploring its templates, AI visual builder, workflows, API, and embedding capabilities, and how these elements combine to create a robust platform for AI innovation.

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Dify provides a rich collection of application templates to jumpstart your AI projects. These templates are designed to cater to various industries, enabling the rapid deployment of customized chatbots and AI assistants embedded with domain-specific knowledge.

Whether you need a customer service bot, a creative document generator, or an industry-specific assistant, Dify’s templates make it easy to bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

AI Visual Builder

The AI Visual Builder in Dify allows users to construct sophisticated AI applications with ease.

This low-code tool enables you to design and customize your AI workflows visually, reducing the need for extensive coding knowledge. You can create AI agents that integrate seamlessly with your business processes, boosting productivity and enhancing customer experiences.


Dify’s workflow orchestration capabilities are a standout feature, allowing for the flexible integration of AI processes with existing systems. You can design end-to-end AI workflows that are reliable and scalable, ensuring your AI applications can grow with your business.

The platform also supports the monitoring of runtime activities, providing insights that help optimize and fine-tune your AI solutions continuously.


One of the most powerful aspects of Dify is its robust API, which facilitates the seamless integration of external knowledge into your AI applications. This capability unlocks deeper insights from LLMs by connecting them with your business knowledge bases securely.

The API ensures that your AI models can access and utilize the most relevant and up-to-date information, enhancing the overall performance and accuracy of your AI solutions.


Embedding Dify’s AI capabilities into your existing systems is straightforward, thanks to its flexible integration options:

  • Iframe: to integrate it on any of your existing webpages (ex: modal)
  • Script: Ideal for chat bubble
  • Chrome extension: Perfect if you created automation tool you need to have at your disposal when browsing the web
  • Nextjs: A starter template connected to the automatically generated API for your chatbot. A perfect start to create a product around your AI.


Dify stands out as a leading open-source platform for developing LLM AI applications, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline processes, simplify workflows, and enhance value delivery.

With its diverse templates, intuitive AI visual builder, flexible workflows, robust API, and easy embedding options, Dify empowers businesses to harness the full potential of generative AI.

Whether you are looking to deploy customized chatbots or build complex AI workflows, Dify provides the innovation engine needed to turn your AI aspirations into reality.

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