GlitchTip: Free open-source error tracking, uptime and performance monitoring

GlitchTip: Free open-source error tracking, uptime and performance monitoring

Discover GlitchTip, your go-to solution for open-source error tracking, uptime monitoring, and performance analysis. With a commitment to simplicity, affordability, and the freedom of open source, GlitchTip is here to streamline your software monitoring needs.

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Error Tracking System

Say goodbye to scattered error reports. GlitchTip consolidates every error from your project in real-time, organizing them for practical use. Receive alerts tailored to your preferences, all without breaking the budget.

Compatible with Sentry client SDKs, GlitchTip offers the same functionality with added ease of use.

Uptime Monitoring

Ensure your site is always up and running with GlitchTip's effective uptime monitoring.

Receive warnings when your site is unresponsive, or schedule pings to GlitchTip for proactive alerts. The choice is yours, and GlitchTip ensures you stay informed via email or webhook.

Performance Monitoring

Get insights into your application's performance effortlessly. GlitchTip takes a straightforward approach – no complex dashboard building or metric hunting. Identify slow web requests, database calls, and transactions without hassle.


Choose GlitchTip if you prioritize simplicity, affordability, and the advantages of open-source flexibility.

Whether you run it on your server, the cloud version, or opt for our hosting, GlitchTip empowers you to monitor errors, track performance, and ensure uptime, all in one convenient platform.

Experience the ease of software monitoring with GlitchTip.