HumHub: Free Open Source Team Collaboration Platform

HumHub: Free Open Source Team Collaboration Platform

In the landscape of modern work, effective team collaboration is essential. Enter HumHub, an innovative and open-source team collaboration platform designed to connect and engage all members of your organization seamlessly.

Open-Source and originating from Germany, HumHub is not just a collaboration tool; it's a digital hub where people, communication, and productivity converge.

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Collaboration Platform

HumHub serves as the digital nexus for your organization, providing a central space for communication and collaboration. Its user-centric design revolves around individual profiles, empowering users to post, comment, initiate projects, and stay updated on the latest news.

The platform is GDPR compliant and offers flexible deployment options, allowing organizations to opt for SaaS or On-Premise hosting, either managed by HumHub or self-hosted.

Team Communication

Facilitating robust team communication, HumHub introduces the concept of Spaces.

These Spaces act as customizable rooms, groups, or subgroups, enabling organizations to structure their networks according to their unique preferences. Users can be seamlessly added and assigned to specific Spaces, fostering a structured and dynamic collaboration environment.

Modules & Marketplace

HumHub's strength lies in its modular design, offering over 80 modules to enhance functionality.

Users can tailor their network with features such as News for announcements, Messenger for private communication, Theme Builder for customization, Calendar for scheduling, LDAP for directory services, and much more.

The Marketplace further expands the platform's versatility, allowing organizations to activate and deactivate modules at their convenience.

With its open-source core, you can expand it even further by building your own customized modules.


HumHub transcends traditional collaboration tools by placing users at the heart of its design.

Whether it's posting informative articles, creating surveys, collaborating on projects, or managing files and documents, HumHub provides a comprehensive suite of tools.

With individualized permissions, a robust search function, file management capabilities, and social network tools, HumHub empowers organizations to build a collaborative ecosystem tailored to their specific needs.

In a world where effective collaboration is a strategic advantage, HumHub stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a secure, customizable, and feature-rich platform for teams to thrive.

Elevate your team collaboration experience with HumHub – where connectivity meets productivity.