Logto: Free Open Source Identity Infrastructure for Developers

Logto: Free Open Source Identity Infrastructure for Developers

Empower your projects with Logto, the ultimate free open-source identity infrastructure tailored for developers. Say goodbye to the complexities of authentication and authorization, and welcome a seamless, modern solution.

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Add login, signup, and forgotten password to your projects

Logto simplifies your development journey by offering a spectrum of user authentication options, from passwordless to multi-factor authentication (MFA). Elevate user experiences with ready-to-use UI components that include email and SMS passwordless logins, social sign-ins, and more.

Business authentication

Catering to consumer and SaaS app builders, Logto streamlines customer sign-ups and retention. Its versatile features, including webauth (passkey), machine-to-machine, and branding customization, allow you to tailor the authentication process to your business needs.

Branding and customization

Take control of your app's identity with Logto's branding and customization capabilities. Craft a unique and consistent brand experience through customized UI elements, ensuring your users feel at home with your application.

User, roles, and permissions

Logto goes beyond authentication, providing robust authorization and user management tools. From API RBAC to organization multi-tenancy, Logto offers a comprehensive suite to meet diverse requirements, fostering efficient user and organization management.


Designed for the modern era, Logto prioritizes an excellent developer experience, supporting various frameworks and platforms. With a powerful management API, detailed docs, and SDK examples, Logto empowers developers to seamlessly integrate identity infrastructure into their projects. Grow and scale with trust and security, backed by Logto's open-standard nature.

From proof of concept to managing multiple products, Logto is your go-to solution for reliable identity infrastructure.

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