Minio: high-performance multi-Cloud Object Storage

Minio: high-performance multi-Cloud Object Storage

With industry-leading performance and scalability, MinIO can deliver a range of use cases from AI/ML, analytics, backup/restore, and modern web and mobile apps. It's packed with powerful features.

Update: since June 2022, MinIO supports all the advanced features like Quota / Versioning / Object locking / Retention in all versions. It's a great achievement and was a long-awaited feature.

Main benefits

  • Cloud agnostic object storage, you can deploy it on any cloud & on-premise
  • Modern Web UI with bucket browser, configuration, logs & traces
  • Full AWS S3 API compatibility
  • Support replication and cluster mode
  • Support for IAM policies, quota, versioning, Object Locking, Retention, Lifecycle rules, Notifications, and more.

Buckets list UI in MinIO Web UI

Use cases

MinIO is a lifesaver if you are in one of those situations:

  • You have a software that requires an S3 bucket but you have to deploy it in a specific cloud provider or on-premise
  • You need an S3 bucket with very low latency, MinIO can achieve 10x lower latencies than an S3 bucket
  • You need buckets for dev/staging/pre-prod quickly and for cheap
  • You need a Web UI to manage your buckets / Users / Policies / Replication without calling an API (but you can also do it with the API)
  • You need an off-site backup for disaster recovery needs
Browse a Bucket with MinIO Web UI

MinIO deployment checklist:

  • Deploy MinIO instance with Docker
  • Configure a reverse proxy to expose your container to internet with SSL/TLS
  • Configure a rate limiter to protect your instance and an output cache to optimize performance
  • Monitor your instance and configure alerts
  • Do upgrades frequently (every week)
  • Do OS upgrades frequently (every week)

If you want automated backups, reverse proxy with SSL termination, DOS protection, firewall, automated OS & Software updates (So your instance of MinIO stays always up to date), and a team of Linux experts and open source enthusiasts to ensure your services are always safe, and functional.

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