OpnForm: Free Open Source No-Code Form Builder

OpnForm: Free Open Source No-Code Form Builder

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, efficient data collection is vital. Whether you need a contact form, a survey, or a complex multi-step form, OpnForm offers a comprehensive solution.

OpnForm is a free, open-source, no-code form builder designed to empower users to create beautiful, functional forms effortlessly. In this article, we'll explore the features that make OpnForm a standout choice for your form-building needs.

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No-code Form Builder

OpnForm eliminates the need for coding knowledge, making it accessible to everyone. You can build a simple form in minutes using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With more than 10 input types available, including text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, and more, creating a form that suits your specific needs is straightforward.

The platform's user-friendly design ensures that anyone can create and share forms quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Logic

OpnForm stands out with its advanced logic capabilities, allowing you to create dynamic forms that adapt based on user responses.

This feature enables you to add conditional logic, making your forms smarter and more interactive. For instance, you can show or hide certain fields based on previous answers, creating a seamless and personalized experience for the user. This advanced logic is perfect for creating complex surveys, multi-step forms, and other interactive data collection tools.


To make form creation even faster and easier, OpnForm offers a variety of beautiful templates.

These templates provide a great starting point, helping you design professional-looking forms without starting from scratch. Whether you need a simple contact form, a detailed survey, or a multi-step registration form, there's a template that fits your needs. You can customize these templates to match your brand's aesthetics, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all your forms.


OpnForm integrates seamlessly with various platforms and tools, enhancing its functionality. You can embed your forms directly into your website or share them via a unique link. The platform supports notifications through Slack or email, ensuring you stay updated with new submissions. Additionally, OpnForm offers powerful integration options like webhooks and custom code, allowing you to connect your forms to other applications and automate workflows.

This flexibility makes OpnForm a versatile tool for any organization.


OpnForm redefines form building by combining ease of use with powerful features. Its no-code approach democratizes form creation, while advanced logic and extensive customization options cater to complex needs.

With OpnForm, form building is no longer a tedious task. Instead, it's a straightforward and enjoyable process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – collecting and utilizing your data effectively.

Try OpnForm today and discover how easy it can be to create beautiful, functional forms in minutes.