Outline: Free Open Source Team Knowledge Base & Wiki

Outline: Free Open Source Team Knowledge Base & Wiki

For the success of your team, the need for a centralized, efficient, and accessible knowledge base is paramount. If your team is grappling with the chaos of scattered documents, unclear access permissions, and redundant information requests, it’s time to explore the transformative power of Outline.

This open-source team knowledge base and wiki offer a plethora of features designed to streamline your team's knowledge management processes.

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Notion-Like Document Editor

Outline boasts an intuitive editing experience comparable to the well-known Notion.

With a blazing-fast editor supporting markdown, slash commands, and interactive embeds, you'll find content creation and editing to be a seamless and enjoyable process. The user-friendly interface ensures that your team can focus on the content rather than grappling with complex tools.

Sharing & Permissions

One of the key challenges in collaborative environments is managing who has access to what information. Outline addresses this concern with a robust system of sharing and permissions. From read and write permissions to user groups, guest user access, and public sharing options, you have complete control over your knowledge base's security and accessibility.

Knowledge Base

Outline goes beyond being a simple document editor; it serves as a comprehensive knowledge base for your team. The ability to nest documents in a hierarchy, automatically build a network of backlinks, and conduct lightning-fast searches across all content ensures that your team's knowledge is organized, easily accessible, and never lost in a sea of documents.


Outline understands the importance of seamless integration with the tools your team already uses. With over 20 integrations, including popular platforms like Slack, Figma, and Loom, the platform ensures that your team can work efficiently without disrupting established workflows. And if you can't find the integration you need, Outline's open API allows for endless possibilities.


In conclusion, Outline emerges as a great free open-source solution for team knowledge management.

Its features, ranging from an intuitive document editor to robust sharing and permission controls, make it a comprehensive solution for teams seeking order and efficiency in their collaborative efforts. The seamless integrations with popular tools ensure a smooth transition, and the open-source nature of Outline opens up possibilities for customization to fit your unique needs.

Try Outline today and experience the transformation firsthand. Your team's knowledge deserves nothing less.