Penpot, the best open-source alternative to Figma & Adobe XD

Penpot, the best open-source alternative to Figma & Adobe XD

We’re blown away by the team at Kaleidos. Committed open-sourcers like us, they’ve developed the very popular open-source project management tool Taiga. But today we want to tell you about Penpot (16K stars on github), a phenomenal collaborative design tool.

Penpot, an open-source alternative to Figma, is a design tool for creating websites, software interfaces and other visual projects. It is a web-based application that allows designers to create visually rich and interactive prototypes without any coding skills. It has been built to make the designer’s life easier by providing all the key tools in one place. We love it, and we think you will too! Check it out here on Elestio.

Latest update: Adobe acquired Figma for $20B and users are concerned.

Penpot Benefits

  1. Intuitive & Fast UI
  2. Export to SVG, PNG, JPG
  3. Real-time collaborative experience
  4. Be able to create & share prototypes
  5. Open-source with an active community
  6. Can be fully self-hosted

Penpot demo video

Use cases

  1. Create web design for sites & e-commerce
  2. Create desktop & mobile application design
  3. Create flyers, cards, anything to print
  4. Create visuals for social medias
  5. Create interactive prototypes without code


Some companies prefer to self-host everything for various reasons (data ownership, compliance, ...), for them one of the simplest and safest ways to do that is with Elestio.

Deploy your own Penpot to any cloud

With Elestio, deploys Penpot on any cloud or on-premise in 3 minutes. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of installation, configuration, updates, security and backups.


Quickstart with Penpot

Once your service is deployed, you can get your admin credentials from your Elestio dashboard and start to use Penpot directly.


Penpot community has created 19 free templates to help you quickly start your designs and prototypes. Download and import the template/library you like into your Penpot project and enjoy!

Penpot | Libraries and templates
We build this community together

Click on the button below to get a fully managed instance of Penpot ready to use in a few minutes, it's covering setup, security, backups, DNS, SMTP, monitoring, alerts, migrations, software updates and a team of Linux experts and open source enthusiasts to ensure your services are always safe, UP and running.