PocketBase: Free Open Source Backend as a Service Platform

PocketBase: Free Open Source Backend as a Service Platform

Backend as a Service is the solution for developers who want to focus on building web and mobile apps without worrying about the backend infrastructure.
BaaS providers offer a set of tools and services that help developers build apps faster and easier.
It generally includes Database, Authentication, File Storage, Functions, Emails, and more... PocketBase emerges as a versatile and free open-source BaaS platform, providing developers with a comprehensive set of tools to streamline backend development.

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Built in GO and leveraging SQLite as its database, PocketBase boasts a robust architecture designed for efficiency and speed. The server-sent events (SSE) for real-time database events add a layer of responsiveness to the architecture.

Authentication & Authorization

PocketBase offers a flexible authentication system supporting various methods, including email, username, phone, and popular social connectors. The authorization system operates on defined rules based on actions and roles, providing developers with fine-grained control.

Database & Realtime

With SQLite as its backbone, PocketBase ensures reliable and scalable database operations. The integration of SSE ensures real-time updates, enhancing the responsiveness of applications built on the platform.

File Storage

PocketBase facilitates direct file storage on the server, coupled with an image resizing API for creating thumbnails. Additionally, it offers seamless integration with external S3-compatible providers for extended storage options.

Functions, Webhooks, and Cron Jobs

Enabling extensibility, PocketBase supports the execution of functions, webhooks, and cron jobs. This feature-rich capability allows developers to create dynamic and interactive applications.


PocketBase offers customizable transactional emails, including signup confirmations and forgotten password notifications. This ensures a personalized and user-friendly communication experience.


To communicate with your PocketBase backend, SDKs in JavaScript/TypeScript and Dart are provided. Ideal for web and mobile application development. For developers using other languages, a Rest API is available.


PocketBase stands as a formidable alternative in BaaS, challenging proprietary solutions like Firebase and other open-source platforms such as Supabase and Appwrite.

With its feature-rich architecture, extensive customization options, and a commitment to open-source principles, PocketBase empowers developers to create scalable and innovative applications without the constraints of traditional backend development.

PocketBase beckons with the promise of a robust, scalable, open, and free platform for transforming your backend development experience. Give it a try on Elestio.