Pretix: Free Open Source Event Management Platform

Pretix: Free Open Source Event Management Platform

In the bustling world of event management, finding the right tools to streamline operations and enhance attendee experiences is essential.

Pretix emerges as a promising solution, offering a comprehensive set of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of event organizers. As a free and open-source platform, Pretix stands out for its flexibility, customization options, and robust functionalities. Let's delve into the key features that make Pretix a go-to choice for event management.

Pretix is more than just a ticketing platform; it's a versatile event management solution designed to empower organizers at every step of the event lifecycle. From ticketing and payment processing to marketing and check-in, Pretix offers a suite of tools to orchestrate seamless events.

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Ticketing Platform

At the heart of Pretix lies its intuitive ticketing platform, which allows organizers to create customized ticket shops that reflect their brand identity.

With mobile and tablet-friendly interfaces, organizers can provide a user-friendly booking experience for attendees.

The ability to publish ticket shops in multiple languages caters to diverse audiences, while the mini-CMS facilitates the addition of static content, eliminating the need for separate event websites.

Payment Providers

Pretix prioritizes transparency and control by enabling organizers to receive payments directly, avoiding intermediaries and unnecessary fees.

Supporting a wide range of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe, Pretix ensures seamless transactions for both organizers and attendees.

Additionally, integrated invoicing features simplify financial management, with support for EU cross-border transactions.

Marketing Toolkit

Effective promotion is key to driving event attendance, and Pretix equips organizers with powerful marketing tools to reach their target audience.

The voucher system enables the creation of discount codes and seat reservations, while customizable e-mail communication facilitates personalized engagement with participants. Integration with newsletter tools further enhances outreach efforts, seamlessly integrating registration and subscription processes.


Efficient attendee check-in is essential for a smooth event experience, and Pretix offers flexible solutions to streamline this process.

Organizers can generate customized online and mobile tickets, with options for digital or offline check-in using dedicated apps. Check-in lists can be tailored to specific products or venues, with support for on-site badge printing to enhance professionalism.

Reports & Statistics

Informed decision-making is facilitated by Pretix's comprehensive reporting features, allowing organizers to gain insights into ticket sales, attendee demographics, and event performance.

Configurable event-spanning reports enable data-driven planning and optimization, empowering organizers to refine strategies for future events.


Pretix emerges as a robust event management platform, offering a wealth of features to simplify and enhance the organizing experience.

With its open-source nature, customizable interfaces, and extensive functionality, Pretix empowers organizers to orchestrate memorable events with ease.

Whether planning conferences, concerts, or workshops, Pretix provides the tools needed to bring events to life and delight attendees at every turn.

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