QuickChart: Free Open Source Chart Images API Generator

QuickChart: Free Open Source Chart Images API Generator
QuickChart, Chart Generator API

Dive into the world of QuickChart, where chart creation meets simplicity! 🚀 Generate chart images effortlessly with its open API and create any form of visualization for your data.

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Explore a vast array of chart types that QuickChart offers! From dynamic bar charts to line graphs and box plots, there is a type for any kind of data visualization you need to create.

Check the documentation to see all the different types available.


Take your charts anywhere you desire! Embed them in emails, reports, or any platform of your choice. QuickChart API supports easy customization, making the integration process seamless. Every parameter is set within the URL.

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To help you create and configure your charts, the QuickChart editor help you visualize and configure your chart online.

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Not a developer? No worries! QuickChart's Chart Maker empowers you to design and create charts effortlessly, providing a no-code/AI-powered solution for dynamic chart generation.

Type what you want to create, it will generate the appropriate chart type with example data. You just need to fine tune the legends and fill it with your own data.

QR Code Generator

Give your projects an extra edge with its QR Code Generator! QuickChart adds versatility to your toolkit with on-the-fly QR code creation that you can connect with Analytics.


If you want to add dynamic charts into a project, email, spreadsheet or any tool, QuickChart is your go-to solution! With no-code support, high customization, and seamless integration, it's the ultimate choice for chart enthusiasts.

Embark on a charting journey with QuickChart today! 🚀📊