Send marketing and transactional emails with Listmonk

Send marketing and transactional emails with Listmonk
Listmonk dashboard preview

Looking for a free and powerful tool to manage your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails? Say hello to Listmonk! In our latest video, we showcase how Listmonk can help you achieve your email goals without the high price tag of other popular services like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, or Sendgrid.

What is Listmonk?

Listmonk is an open-source email solution that offers a range of features to help you streamline your email communication with your subscribers. With Listmonk, you can send marketing campaigns, transactional emails, manage your subscriber lists, automate your email workflows, customize your email templates, and track real-time analytics.

Listmonk Features

Campaigns: Listmonk makes it easy to create and send email campaigns that look professional and engaging. You can design your templates with your branding, add images and links, and segment your audience based on their interests or behavior. It supports HTML, RTE, Markdown, and plain text format.

Transactional emails: Listmonk also supports transactional emails, which are automated messages triggered by specific actions, such as a sign-up confirmation or a password reset. You can customize the content and design of these emails to match your brand voice and style. Unfortunately, it doesn't include analytics but you can add any email tracker solution of your choice if needed.

Subscriber management: Listmonk allows you to manage your subscribers in lists and forms. You can add or remove subscribers, segment them based on their preferences, and create signup forms that integrate with your website or landing pages.

Automation: With Listmonk, you can set up automated workflows that send targeted messages based on triggers, such as a new subscriber, a specific date, or an action taken on your website. This helps you save time and boost engagement.

Customization: Listmonk gives you complete control over your email templates, so you can make them look exactly the way you want. You can use HTML, CSS, and variables to personalize your messages and create a consistent brand experience.  The attributes list is available in the documentation.

Real-time analytics: Listmonk provides detailed metrics on your email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and more. You can use this data to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.

Why Listmonk is a great alternative

Listmonk is a great alternative to other email marketing services for several reasons:

  • It's free: Listmonk is free and open source, meaning you don't have to pay for subscriptions or worry about hidden fees. You only pay for hosting the service. From 1 to 1 000 000 subscribers, the costs are always the same (and low)
  • It's customizable: Listmonk's open-source nature allows you to customize and extend the software to fit your unique needs and preferences.
  • It's scalable: Listmonk can handle large mailing lists and high-volume email traffic without compromising performance or delivery.
  • It's privacy-friendly: Listmonk respects your data privacy and does not share or sell your subscriber information to third parties.

Try Listmonk today!

If you're ready to give Listmonk a try, check out our latest video and see how easy it is to get started. At Elestio, we use Listmonk for our email communication and have found it to be a reliable and flexible solution that saves us time and money.

Don't let high email costs hold you back from reaching your subscribers. With Listmonk, you can unlock the power of email marketing without breaking the bank.