Shlink URL shortener with analytics

Shlink URL shortener with analytics

Discover Shlink, a powerful open-source URL shortener that offers a comprehensive range of features.

Our platform overview of Shlink:

Shlink excels in simplifying the process of creating shorter and more manageable links. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly generate custom short URLs that align with your brand.

Additionally, Shlink allows you to specify links based on the user's device (Android, iOS, and Desktop). Ideal for mobile app download links!

Automation enabled with API

Shlink goes beyond just a web interface by providing command-line interface (CLI) tools and a robust API. The CLI empowers advanced users to efficiently manage their links directly from the command line, offering flexibility and automation possibilities.

The API integration allows seamless integration with existing workflows and systems, enabling developers to incorporate Shlink's URL shortening capabilities into their applications or services.


One of Shlink's standout features is its comprehensive analytics dashboard. With Shlink, you gain valuable insights into your link performance. Track click-through rates, measure user engagement, and analyze referral sources to optimize your marketing campaigns and maximize the impact of your links. The analytics dashboard provides visual representations and detailed reports, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and refine your link strategies.

Additional Features

In addition to its core URL shortening and analytics capabilities, Shlink offers a range of supplementary features to enhance your link management experience.

With Shlink, you can generate QR codes for your shortened links, making it easier for users to access your content via mobile devices. Shlink also supports custom domains, allowing you to further personalize shortened URLs. Furthermore, Shlink provides robust security measures to safeguard your links and protect against malicious activity.


Shlink is a great solution in the realm of link management, offering an extensive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. From its intuitive web interface and CLI tools to its robust analytics and additional functionalities like QR code generation and custom domains, Shlink provides a comprehensive solution for shortening, tracking, and managing URLs effectively.

Shlink empowers you to optimize your link strategies, enhance user experience, and unlock new levels of efficiency.