Strapi: Free Open Source Headless CMS

Strapi: Free Open Source Headless CMS

Developing a backend for content management has traditionally been a time-consuming and tedious task. From crafting CRUD operations to setting up complex role and permission systems, the process can quickly become overwhelming...

But, brace yourself for a transformative solution that simplifies this entire ordeal - Strapi, the free and open-source headless CMS that unleashes the power of personalized content structures and streamlines admin content edition like a breeze.

Let's dive into how Strapi revolutionizes backend development, empowering developers and content creators to focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional user experiences.

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Headless CMS

Create your data structure with the many types available from simple ones like text, numbers, and booleans, to advanced ones like relations and images. Then leverage the automatically generated admin UI interface to feed data into your project. You can also use the import features.

Once your content is ready, define the roles and permissions for your different collections and your backend is ready to be used in the frontend of your choice.

Rest/GraphQL API

Strapi comes equipped with both Rest and GraphQL APIs, catering to different development preferences.

With the Rest API, developers can interact with data through familiar HTTP methods, making it effortless to build traditional web applications. With the free swagger plugin, you can generate documentation for your API in a minute.

On the other hand, the GraphQL API offers a powerful, queryable interface, allowing developers to fetch precisely the data they need, reducing unnecessary data retrieval. Strapi's versatile APIs enable developers to create custom, performant applications tailored to their specific use cases.

Plugins and Integrations

Strapi's extensibility is one of its standout features. Developers can easily enhance their CMS experience by integrating plugins to add new functionalities or connect with other services. Whether it's customizing authentication, integrating with analytics platforms, or optimizing SEO features, Strapi's plugin ecosystem offers a wealth of options to cater to every project's requirements.

Open Source

As a free and open-source CMS, Strapi has a thriving community that actively contributes to its development and improvement. This collaborative approach ensures constant updates, enhanced security, and continuous innovation. Strapi's open-source nature empowers developers to build high-quality, customized applications without licensing constraints, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.


Strapi empowers teams to build backends in days instead of weeks. Leverage the power of Headless CMS and have a ready to use solution for your next applications.

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