Taiga: Free Open Source Agile Project Management

Taiga: Free Open Source Agile Project Management

Taiga stands out as a powerful and free open-source project management tool tailored for cross-functional agile teams. With its features, it provides a simple start for seamless team project collaborations.

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Agile Project Management

Backlog Management:

Taiga's Backlog Management empowers teams to define deliverables collaboratively, capturing a holistic view of the project. This inclusive approach involves the entire team in organizing tasks and priorities. The platform's flexibility allows for regular alignment and reprioritization with end-users, ensuring the highest priority items are addressed promptly.

Sprint Planning in Scrum:

For teams following the Scrum framework, Taiga offers a complete set of boards dedicated to planning and showcasing individual sprints. Teams can easily incorporate EPICS, sub-tasks, and role-based estimations. The platform's intuitive interface supports efficient sprint task board management, with swim-lanes per user story and a zoom function for detailed sprint planning.

Kanban Functionality:

Taiga's Kanban functionality provides an intuitive and feature-complete Kanban board, customizable to fit diverse workflows. Whether it's managing EPICS, sub-tasks, or incorporating multiple workflows with swim lanes, Taiga adapts seamlessly. The platform's extensive filter options, search function, and WIP limits offer flexibility in task management, making it an ideal choice for teams employing Kanban principles.

Estimations in Agile Planning:

Taiga excels in agile planning by offering role-based estimations and an innovative Taiga Seed estimation tool. The platform supports estimations at the project level, allowing teams to visualize progress with a burn-down chart. The inclusion of a project doom-line ensures teams stay on track and deliverables are completed within the defined timelines.

Issues & Bug Tracking

For integrated and complete issues/bug tracking, Taiga offers customization of issue types, priorities, and severities. The platform enables teams to seamlessly add issues to sprints and promotes issues to user stories when needed. With extensive filter options and a robust search function, managing issues becomes efficient and effective.

Dashboard & Reporting

Taiga provides a complete set of dashboards and reporting capabilities. Teams can monitor their performance through team health Iocane function, full audibility with project timelines, personal dashboards, and notifications. The platform also includes a Wiki function and allows custom real-time reports for in-depth project analysis.


Taiga goes beyond being just a project management tool; it's a dynamic platform designed for adaptability and scalability, offering extensive integrations and customization options.


Taiga understands that simplicity is key. With embedded onboarding and various integrations, including those through Zapier, the platform ensures a smooth transition into its ecosystem. Teams can start simple and seamlessly add functionality as needed, creating a tailored project management experience without unnecessary complexity.


Taiga stands out as a truly customizable solution. Teams can define roles and permissions, shaping the platform to suit their unique workflows. Available in over 20 languages, Taiga caters to diverse global teams. The customization options extend to stages, colors, and close definitions, allowing teams to personalize their workspace. With custom tags and fields, Taiga ensures that the platform aligns precisely with the specific needs of each project.

Self-Hosted Flexibility:

For those seeking unparalleled control, Taiga's self-hosted option is an ideal choice. Whether it's for larger teams or multiple small teams requiring data on their servers, Taiga's self-hosted solution offers easy updates, community contributions, and the ability to customize installations. This ensures teams have the flexibility to manage their data securely on their terms.


Taiga, with its user-friendly interface and extensive features, is a standout choice for agile project management. It facilitates effective communication, transparent insights, and adaptability, making it an invaluable tool for teams aiming to streamline their workflows and achieve successful project deliveries. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, Taiga's versatility and open-source nature make it a compelling solution for agile project management needs.

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