ToolJet: Free Open-source Low-Code App Builder

ToolJet: Free Open-source Low-Code App Builder

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to quickly develop and deploy custom internal tools is essential. ToolJet, a free open-source low-code app builder, offers a solution that streamlines the development process, allowing organizations to create powerful tools with minimal coding.

This article explores ToolJet's features and how it can revolutionize internal tool development.

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Low Code App Builder

ToolJet is designed to accelerate the development of custom internal tools. By leveraging a low-code platform, ToolJet enables users to build complex applications quickly and efficiently.

This not only reduces the amount of code needed but also minimizes the resources required for development.

With ToolJet's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly assemble application components, customizing them to fit specific needs. Additionally, ToolJet supports event-driven programming, allowing users to define triggers and actions that enhance interactivity and functionality.

This powerful combination of drag-and-drop blocks and customizable events streamlines development, making it accessible even for those with limited coding experience.


One of ToolJet's standout features is its robust querying capabilities, highlighted by its visual query builder. This tool allows users to create and manage queries through an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for complex SQL coding.

Users can easily apply filters and sorting options to refine their data interactions, ensuring that only the most relevant information is displayed. By utilizing the data sources created in the database section, ToolJet's query system seamlessly integrates with your existing data, enabling real-time, dynamic application development.

This feature is crucial for developing responsive applications that rely on accurate and up-to-date data.


At the heart of ToolJet's data management is its powerful database system built on PostgreSQL. This allows users to build, manage, and scale databases effortlessly. The platform's intuitive interface makes it easy to create and modify tables without writing any SQL code.

This seamless data management capability ensures that your applications can grow and adapt as your data needs evolve.


ToolJet excels in integrating with a wide range of data sources. Whether you need to connect to an existing database, API, or third-party service, ToolJet's integration capabilities make it straightforward.

With support for over 50 different applications and the option to create custom connectors, ToolJet ensures that your data is always accessible and integrated seamlessly into your applications.

Users and Permissions

Managing users and permissions is a critical aspect of any internal tool. ToolJet provides a comprehensive user management system that allows you to define roles and permissions with ease.

This ensures that the right people have access to the right tools and data, maintaining security and efficiency across your organization.


ToolJet offers a practical solution for organizations aiming to streamline their internal tool development process. Its low-code platform, robust querying capabilities, powerful database management, and seamless data integration make it a valuable asset for enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

By enabling teams to develop custom applications quickly and efficiently, ToolJet helps businesses remain adaptable and efficient in a competitive market.

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