Twenty: Free Open Source CRM

Twenty: Free Open Source CRM

In the dynamic landscape of customer relationship management (CRM) software, finding a solution that seamlessly aligns with your business's unique needs while being affordable and flexible can be challenging.

Discover Twenty, an open-source CRM platform designed to revolutionize how businesses manage their customer relationships. With its modern interface, customizable features, and robust functionality, Twenty offers an unparalleled CRM experience entirely free.

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One of Twenty's standout features is its ability to model data with custom objects including dozens of types (from standard to advanced such as relations between models), allowing businesses to tailor their CRM to fit their specific workflows and evolving requirements.

Whether it's managing leads, contacts, opportunities, or custom entities, Twenty empowers users to structure their data in a way that best suits their business processes.


Visualizing workflows is essential for efficient task management, and Twenty excels in this aspect with its list and Kanban views.

Users can easily track the progress of their tasks, projects, and deals through intuitive visual boards, enhancing collaboration and productivity within teams.

With the help of filters, sorting, import & export, browsing data is made simple.

Notes, Tasks, Attachments, & Activity

Twenty goes beyond basic CRM functionalities by offering rich notes with text blocks and markdown support. This feature enables users to capture detailed information, insights, and interactions with customers, ensuring that valuable data is readily accessible.

Additionally, tasks can be seamlessly integrated into workflows, allowing users to prioritize and manage their activities efficiently. With support for attachments and activity tracking, Twenty provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and documenting customer-related interactions.

Navigating through vast amounts of data can be daunting, but Twenty simplifies this process with its powerful search bar. Users can quickly locate relevant information using intuitive search queries, saving time and effort.

Whether it's finding specific contacts, notes, or deals, Twenty's advanced search capabilities ensure that users can access the data they need with ease.


For businesses requiring deeper integration and customization, Twenty offers powerful GraphQL and REST APIs. These APIs enable seamless communication with external systems and data sources, allowing businesses to connect with tools such as Postgres, Stripe, and more.

With Twenty's flexible API architecture, businesses can leverage their CRM data to streamline workflows and drive innovation.


Twenty emerges as a game-changer in the realm of CRM software, offering a modern, powerful, and affordable platform to manage customer relationships effectively.

With its customizable objects, intuitive views, comprehensive notes and task management, advanced search capabilities, and flexible APIs, Twenty empowers businesses to adapt and thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, Twenty provides the tools and features you need to succeed, making it a top choice for businesses seeking a free open-source CRM solution.

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