Uptime Kuma: Free Open Source Monitoring Platform

Uptime Kuma: Free Open Source Monitoring Platform
Uptime Kuma, monitoring tool & status page

Say hello to Uptime Kuma – the go-to self-hosted monitoring tool that's here to simplify your monitoring journey.

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Uptime Monitoring

Experience seamless monitoring for a variety of aspects, including HTTP(s), TCP, HTTP(s) Keyword, HTTP(s) Json Query, Ping, DNS Record, Push, Steam Game Server, and Docker Containers. Uptime Kuma has got you covered!

To keep track of the instances you monitor, you can use:

  • Uptime Kuma dashboard and share it with your team members
  • Setup notifications to get notified immediately of any trouble, to take quick action
  • Display a status page to your end users/customers


Stay informed with notifications tailored to your preferences. Uptime Kuma supports Telegram, Discord, Gotify, Slack, Pushover, Email (SMTP), and over 90 other notification services. The power is in your hands!

Status Page

Display your app status to your users. Uptime Kuma offers customizable status pages, allowing you to map them to specific domains.

You can share the current app/servers/DNS you're monitoring but also inform your users about upcoming maintenance, to make seamless migrations or updates.


With a fancy, reactive UI/UX, 20-second intervals, multi-language support, and proxy compatibility, Uptime Kuma stands as a robust choice for those seeking a comprehensive monitoring platform.

Ready to embark on a monitoring revolution? Dive into the world of Uptime Kuma with Elestio.