We're going live!

We help companies to deploy, secure, backup and update open source softwares on scalable cloud infrastructure.

We're going live!
Some of the open source projects we deploy and support

After 6 years as an internal tool, and 12 months of development, we're launching elest.io to the public.

elest.io is the simplest way to start using open-source software for your business or projects.

As open-source fanatics, we're really happy to make open-source more accessible and more reliable + hassle-free for many businesses, IT departments, or freelancers who want to own their own data.
With our platform, you can deploy any one of over 250+ supported software services on a dedicated instance in less than 3 minutes, and we take care of everything else: installation, configuration, encryption, backups, software & OS updates, and live monitoring are all Included.

For example, you can set up a wiki for your business with Wiki.js or BookStack, collaborate with your team (and save tons of money) using Mattermost, set up a blog or website with Ghost (that's what powers this blog), Improve your website/digital app using Sentry, Healthchecks, Uptime Kuma, SigNoz, or even simply set up your own secure file syncing and sharing tool using Seafile or Syncthing (or Filestash ).

Please, check out the list of fully managed open source softwares we support!

Do we really take care of everything?

If you mean: free SSL certificates, even for your own domain, 3-2-1 backups including snapshots of app and OS state, automatic encrypted mesh networking, L4 & L7 firewall, rate limiting, caching, monitoring and alerts, automatic non-breaking updates that respect semantic versioning.... yes.

Automated Updates

Keeping your open source software up to date doesn't have to make you cringe. Choose a maintenance window that works for you, and let us handle the rest.

Automated Security

We deploy your service with sane defaults, fully managed SSL certificates, application-sensitive firewall rules, rate limiting, and secure root credentials (where applicable).

Automated Backups

elest.io automatically implements an industry-standard backup strategy to protect you from accidental or malicious loss of data. No matter the reason, you can restore your data in minutes with a single click.

Globally private Multi-cloud IPv4 network

Project-scoped services are automatically connected to a private IPv4 network that spans datacenters, regions and providers using mutually authenticated certificates.

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Have fun!