Why open source?

Why open source?

From our perspective, open-source software is a revolution in decentralized, distributed and collective research, engineering, decision-making, governance, and economics, directly connecting developers and users.

We weren't always this way

We’ll admit it right here, right now, up front.

Our co-founder and CTO, Joseph Benguira, was a devout Microsoft developer, developing inside their entire stack from 1999 to 2014. Then, in 2014, he discovered the world of open source, and made a 180° change. The openness, the sharing culture, the ideology of open-source was a radically different way of seeing the software ecosystem.

No looking back

Having total control over your data and being fully independent: it’s clear to us that open-source is the way of the future.

We want to help maintain the open-source revolution, and do our part to help build the vibrant future we imagine.

That’s why elestio is committed to giving back: 10% of all revenue is distributed to the open-source projects whose software we manage. We also operate as part of the community by open-sourcing some of our tools, filing bug reports, contributing bug fixes, and promoting the open-source ecosystem whenever and wherever we can.

elestio's vision

We imagine end-users and companies innovating faster than ever, with effortless access to the world’s best open-source software at their fingertips, with all the maintenance hassle abstracted away.

We imagine creating stable streams of revenue for open-source projects, giving them the resources to focus and innovate, at levels of economic efficiency that aren’t possible in a for-profit corporate software project.

We imagine empowering users to deploy software anywhere in the world, and to choose hosting providers based on energy efficiency. By re-introducing environmental externalities (read: carbon emissions) into IT infrastructure decisions, our users can choose to host where it’s best for the planet and the balance sheet.